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Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
drone strikes in five months than norman panetta. but they have been more effective, they took out seven of the top 20 al qaeda and now we're seeing them change because some of the strike numbers have gone down lately. i don't know how to read into that. does that mean we are increasing that militarization of the agency? i don't think president obama -- let me step back. gates embraced in november, december, didn't talk to obama about it until january, first time he spoke with it with petraeus was in march and the president had been just loving it over. i never got the sense from him, from the president or anyone in the national security council that the thought was put in to militarize the agency. but petraeus's thinking, look how the defense department is shying away from large-scale boots on the ground type operations and secretary gates said the next leader who decides to commit to one of these operations should have their head examined. that is in all our heads. we want to avoid such a large-scale operation so petraeus is thinking as he goes through the agency that is the future of
Nov 11, 2012 4:45pm EST
side. i think it was leon panetta who said, we don't want to buy the same course twice. we would be coming up on six or seven times now. we don't want to see necessarily buying into the same the side for the sake of the appearance of progress at the cost of the lives of people. >> of like to make one other very quick comment since the questioner is from japan. japan outspoken and very strong comments on the objection of its citizens are an example to be admired. no, your government has broken out forcefully about the human abuses of the north korean regime, and our government to take a lesson from that. >> the one other point i would make here, i worked very closely with your government. japan also had a special envoy for number three in human rights to works very closely together for a number of years. given that it is highly unlikely at any point send that the regime is going to fall because of any kind of external force can it also does not seem apparent, although one never knows when something like this could unravel, that the elite that is effectively supporting the regi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2